Our Committee

Who are we?

Women’s Wellbeing Association has a sisterhood of passionate and dedicated volunteers who guide and steer her adventures.  We are diverse in our life experience, knowledge and backgrounds and are here to create change and inspire women to step into their wisdom and strength while softening into their hearts as we walk together in Sisterhood.

Marie Kaye Crawford: President

I am honoured and very privileged to be the President for WWA.

I have been involved in this awesome Sisterhood since 2010 when I was invited to facilitate at the Annual EveryWoman Gathering. The gathering changed my life, showed me I had a place to belong, where Woman accept and embrace each other and so my journey with WWA began.

 I am a Mother to 3 amazing children and I have my business, ‘Marie Kaye – Counselling and Energy Healing’, which I love and adore and keeps me busy. I look forward to the path ahead and feel so excited and blessed to be at the Helm of WWA with a fantastic, talented and vibrant group of Women.

Stephanie Lister: Vice President & Newsletter Goddess

I am a Mumma, a Sister, an Aunty, a lover and a Wylde Woman…. 9 years ago after facilitating at Women’s Wellbeing’s Everywoman gathering – I said to myself – that’s it!!! I have found my life purpose, to gather and sit with women in sacred circle!!!!! Since that day – that’s exactly what I have done!!! So I have deep gratitude for the magic of WWA and the gifts it can activate and weave through woman’s lives.  

 When I am not sitting in circle with other amazing women you will find me with my feet in a creek, making huge fires, hugging the nearest tree, following the paths of the big winged creatures in the sky, making fairy gardens, with my two wee ones and singing to the dolphins and whales down near the ocean. I now live in Maleny and offer beautiful Ceremonial Embodiment journeys including Massages, Facials and Sacred Sound Immersions. I also hold New moon circles, Restorative yoga Sound Immersions, Celebrations for all aspects of life from Birth to Death, Ceremony holder at Women’s Gatherings and Events….all which help to support, nourish and lush up our souls for this sacred time on earth.

Ainsley Swaffield: Treasurer

I’m a single mother of two beautiful young women of whom I’m incredibly proud. I’ve worked in accounts and bookkeeping for all of my career. Love it. Which is a blessing. To be able to do what you love… And get paid for it! I have an unlimited passion for travel. To see and experience as much of this beautiful world and the many varying lands and cultures and peoples. Oh and food!!! I’m a totally foodie. One of my great pleasures in life. I feel very honoured to have been invited to become a part of this wonderful community and look forward to the many different experiences this journey has to offer.

Amanda Braithwaite: Secretary

I’ve been working in the health, wellness and personal empowerment arenas for nearly 30 years and love to keep things real, and expanded….to keep my feet on the ground with an open heart and strong connections.  I’m passionate about helping individuals believe in themselves, trust their intuition and achieve their dreams, encouraging everyone to explore different ideas & options and to find out what works for them.  

I’m a massage therapist, healer and aromatherapist, facilitate individual empowerment sessions and run classes & workshops.  I also work with businesses, supporting the establishment of solid foundations from which to grow and flourish.

I came to Australia, as a back-packer in 1997 and ended up staying. Now I live just outside beautiful Maleny with my gorgeous man, on peaceful acreage alongside nature.

Julie Hauritz:  Circle Coordinator & Website Goddess

Hi, I’m Julie and I am empowered and inspired by the deep connectedness that Share Circles offer and the opportunity they bring to transform us.  As Circle Coordinator I bring my deep heart, laughter, joy and openness to hold space for Share Circles. My background is as an artist, teacher, curator and creator. 

I embody the spirit and energy of trees and my deepest memories from childhood are in nature. Woven into my being is a vision of the wisdom of women, inspiring humanity to be more gentle and inclusive for all.

Amanda Taylor: Membership Goddess

Hi, I’m Amanda also known as the Sistership Goddess. I am passionate about making women feel welcome when they join WWA. When we unite in sisterhood, we support each other’s personal growth and the collective evolution as women. I believe this deep connection to self and other women is where our true power lies, so come join us! I look forward to welcoming you.

I am a mother of two amazing boys who are 7 & 9 and who are my greatest teachers. I love going on adventures with my family into the great outdoors surrounded by nature, hiking, biking, swimming, camping, chilling etc. I also love to travel and experience other cultures way of living and have been fortunate to travel to many countries over the world. I am passionate about healing, that of myself and of others, and I love seeing people learn, grow and evolve. As a result, I have my hands in many pies, I am a yoga/meditation/mindfulness teacher, and a consultant and coach in the Leadership and Wellness space for both corporate and private clients. Still learning and growing I am looking forward to watching my path unfold over the coming years.

Shannon Ukena: Events Coordinator

My journey to this point has been extremely varied, I’m a hairdresser by trade and worked in all areas of events and hospitality and spent 8 years in the corporate world. I’m now self-employed doing what I love most….cooking nutritious whole food, helping people to introduce more plant-based food into their lives, and making my own 100% natural body products.

It was a long, and often tiring road of learning how to reconnect with myself and trust my inner guidance, for me to reach this point. An unknowing of all that I thought I was, to discover my own truth. It was here I realised how crucial it is that we reconnect with the divine feminine within us, and to open our hearts to the powerful healing that comes from our fellow women.  To return to a time when women gathered together to support each other with only love in their hearts. Now is my time to give back, gratitude for all the amazing women who have supported me on my journey, and I’m really excited about what this Sisterhood can offer to support women

Angel Goutler: Social Media Angel

I’m a 37 year old mother of 5, a midwifery student and Creatrix. I live in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast where I grew up and am passionate about Women’s Sacred Rites of Passage.

I’ve been reading Tarot for over 15 years and facilitate workshops teaching people how to read their own deck without relying on the book. I also makes Divination Rune Sets and personalised BindRune Talismans.  My various artworks are inspired by the ethereal realm and I love sculpture. I recently graduated from the School of Shamanic Womancraft where I will soon apprentice as a Facilitator of the Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy workshop.

Mari Terese Grant: Womenhood Coordinator & Abundance Goddess

I am financially independent, happy, relatively healthy and imbued with a fierce loving and natural caring for others.  I am empowered to spend the next 20 years of my life (all things being equal) with sharing the art of Living, learning, laughing, loving, and sharing more each day with people I meet on my journey of life.

I have been gifted for the last 3 years with the opportunity of participating in the Journey to Manhood and Journey into Womanhood programs for young boys and girls and their parents or significant others in their life.

For over 15 years I was a volunteer of school based personal growth courses for year 10 students, A Rotarian of 10 years and a Mentor for Rotary Youth Leadership training.  I am currently a voluntary Mentor of Girls with a Purpose program at Gympie High School. After a 5 year sabbatical, I am now retired and I am seeking to support and be a part of Women’s Wellbeing Association to share the growth of Womanhood with Queensland women. 


Helen Morgenstern: Admin Goddess

My journey thus far, is like the true nature of the ocean, where I experienced life with remarkable depth, flow and intensity and the occasional tsunami. For too many years I hid beneath the surface, in the darkness of the ocean depths trapped by a deep sensitivity and a tumultuous emotional, vulnerable nature. I have remained in the dark for too long, which has fed my insecurity about engaging in the real world above the surface, unable to utilise my gifts and resources to bring magic to myself and to those around me.  I am a mother and a grandmother.

For the past year or two I have been learning healing strategies to come out of the deep shadows, to enhance my personal creative power, to transform into the full beauty and power of my true natural flow, to embrace the very essence of being a woman. It is time to share my healing techniques I have learned along the way, the personal and universal secrets that have the power to also change and transform the lives of other women.

Be part of the Sisterhood!