Our Committee

Who are we?

Women’s Wellbeing Association is guided by women who are passionate and dedicated volunteers who hold and steer her adventures.  We are diverse in our life experience, knowledge and backgrounds and are here to create change and inspire women to step into their wisdom and strength while softening into their hearts as we walk together in our lives.  

Bex Smith:  President

I wear many hats in this wonderful journey called life, and each one brings its own unique flavor to the mix. Speaker, Trainer, Body Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Wellbeing Mentor, and Change Consultant – these roles are like threads that weave together to form the tapestry of my passion and purpose. With an infectious enthusiasm, I embark on a mission close to my heart: empowering women to unleash their inner Cheerleader. Life’s twists and turns can be formidable, but I firmly believe that within each of us lies the strength to triumph over them and rediscover the joy that’s been tucked away for too long.

 My heart beats with a deep passion for Women’s Wellbeing and all it stands for. Our programs, events, and the connections we foster within our community are nothing short of transformative. I’ve been fortunate to be part of WWA for many years, contributing my energy and expertise in various roles, from the executive committee to the Everywoman gathering committee, Womanhood facilitator and trainer, circle facilitator, and more. My guiding principles revolve around compassion, human-centered design thinking, and inclusivity, making me a well-rounded and effective leader. I believe in approaching complex challenges with a holistic and empathetic mindset, ensuring that every voice is heard, valued, and included in our collective journey.

When I’m not on this mission to empower and uplift others, you’ll likely find me in the company of my beloved rescue dogs, snuggled up in nature, or savoring life’s simple pleasures. I radiate the belief in the power of joy, authenticity, and embracing every precious moment. With me as your guide, you can trust that your journey of self-discovery will be filled with laughter, growth, and delightful moments – because every step should be a celebration of your incredible potential.



Jess Krainik: Vice President

I draw on my lifelong passion for volunteering, which has been a part of my life since the age of 13. The act of sharing my time, energy, and heart with others brings me immense joy, and this passion has seamlessly extended to my role within the Women’s Wellbeing Association (WWA) community.

For me, Women’s Wellbeing has added a profound depth and meaning to my life. It has provided me with opportunities to connect with the feminine aspects of being a woman that I hadn’t fully engaged with in many years. Within this nurturing community, I’ve found a space where I am truly loved and accepted, where I can explore and embrace the woman inside me, and reconnect with the essence of femininity.

One of my key strengths is my commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment within the WWA community. I recognize that our lives often don’t afford us the time or intention to work on this essential aspect of ourselves. I bring a deep sense of intention and awareness to our gatherings, where women come together to connect, share, and celebrate what makes us unique and powerful. It’s a safe haven where women can speak their truths with open hearts, knowing they are honored and accepted for exactly who they are. My aspiration is to continue nurturing this space and helping women tap into their inner strength, wisdom, and resilience, not just within our community but in the broader world as well.

Caitlin Roy: Treasurer

Women’s Wellbeing has been nothing short of a life-changing journey for me. Its impact has been profound, transforming not only myself but my entire life. I hold a deep conviction that its message of self-actualization should resonate far and wide, touching the lives of women, families, and communities, one step at a time.

 My association with WWA spans many years, and it’s been an enriching and soul-nourishing experience. My cup is continually filled, not just by the organization itself, but by the incredible bonds I’ve forged with my dear sisters who have evolved into cherished friends, and with the men who are part of the Men’s Wellbeing Association.

My personal path has been laden with its share of challenges. With six children and a recent separation from my husband of 27 years, it’s undoubtedly a difficult journey. However, both Men’s and Women’s Wellbeing have played pivotal roles in helping us navigate this path with (mostly) grace and mutual respect. These organizations have equipped us with invaluable tools and provided a supportive community to face life’s trials and tribulations, and for that, I’m profoundly grateful.



Kathryn Forster: Memberships

Women’s Wellbeing has been an integral part of my life for well over a decade. Throughout these years, I’ve had the privilege of serving on the committee in various roles, and I keep coming back to this remarkable sisterhood of women. Our shared dedication to empowering women and our unwavering commitment to fostering connection, non-judgment, and personal responsibility have deeply enriched my life. These values are not confined to our organization; I hold them dear and find them immensely valuable in all my relationships. I am eager to continue supporting WWA in her efforts to bring women (and men) together, allowing her to work her magic in our bodies, minds, and souls, enriching us all.

In addition to my involvement with WWA, I am a mother to a wonderful child and a partner to Mark, who is my amazing other half. My professional background is rooted in administration, and I currently work part-time in that field. Beyond the office, I passionately follow my bliss by playing the harp and creating inspirational music, complete with vocals, aimed at promoting wellbeing, enjoyment, and pure fun. I perform at parties, high teas, and nursing homes, sharing the joy of music with others and adding a touch of magic to their lives.


Kerry Behrend: Secretary

Volunteering and community involvement has been a lifelong habit for me. It’s deeply ingrained in my family’s ethos, going back to my childhood. My grandmother, for instance, always knitted singlets for orphans in Africa. Both my parents were actively involved in community organizations, and as a child, I found myself fundraising for the Red Cross, even during my primary school days. This sense of giving back and participating in community initiatives has stayed with me throughout my life. It’s a means through which I connect with my community, support others, and contribute to creating a better world. This commitment to community involvement is something I’m truly passionate about, and being a part of Women’s Wellbeing is a significant aspect of that commitment.

One of the most profound impacts Women’s Wellbeing has had on my life is the deep and supportive friendships I’ve cultivated through the organization. These relationships hold immense importance to me. Additionally, being part of Women’s Wellbeing has enhanced my communication skills and my ability to connect with people on a meaningful level. Female friendships have always been a cornerstone of my life, and through Women’s Wellbeing, I’ve had the opportunity to experience so much more than I might have otherwise. I’ve met countless people I otherwise wouldn’t have crossed paths with and have engaged in various self-development experiences, from gatherings to courses, that have expanded my horizons. It’s been a source of new ideas and perspectives that have enriched my life significantly.

What makes Women’s Wellbeing truly special to me is its founding principle of always being welcome. It’s a space where I can relax and simply be myself, without the need for pretense or a facade. Whether I’m at my best or just coping, I know that I will always be accepted and supported. This sense of authentic human connection is something I cherish deeply.

Melly Stewart: Marketing

Over the course of a remarkable 10-year experiential journey, I embarked on a profound exploration of personal, business, emotional, and spiritual growth. My quest led me deep into the realms of psychology, where I sought to unravel the intricacies of my own thoughts, feelings, and actions. But my quest didn’t end with just my experiences; I eagerly collected stories from other women, forging connections that revealed a common thread linking us all. This journey of self-discovery became a cherished daily ritual, as I poured my innermost thoughts and emotions onto the pages of countless journals.

 The profound impact of this journey extended far beyond myself and my business. It sent ripples of inspiration cascading outward, touching the lives of women everywhere. It became a catalyst for them to embrace their uniqueness, stand unapologetically in their authenticity, and rewrite their stories. I witnessed a beautiful transformation as the reflections in women’s eyes shifted from despair to hope, from weakness to strength.

In my heart, I hold a sincere wish that every woman discovers the freedom to be herself and finds the strength to bring her vision for the future to life. This journey, this revelation, is a testament to the power of authenticity and self-discovery—a gift I’m honored to share with the world and in my role at the Women’s Wellbeing Association.  

Join us in the empowerment of Women!