Terms & Conditions

WWA Member Policies, Terms & Conditions

Women’s Wellbeing offers a gateway to empowerment by providing a sisterhood of acceptance, inclusion & trust.
We support the expansion and growth of all women.
WWA is a loving supportive community offering a safe and sacred space to accept and honour the very essence of who we are.

We are delighted to welcome you to the Women’s Wellbeing Association. As an organisation we are committed to offering you programs and events in line with our purpose and intention which is defined above.
To ensure we are delivering on our commitment to all our members we would like to outline the following expectations for anyone who would like to join our association and/or take part in any WWA program or event.



• Align with the objectives of WWA as stated in the Constitution, clause 3
• Be inclusive to all women (in line with the WWA Constitution, clause 1) who are participating in WWA programs and events
• Let go of judgement and accept each woman for where they are at, acknowledging that everyone is different and may have different opinions, views and experiences
• Hold other women’s shares and experiences with the utmost confidence
• Trust in the process offered through each program and event, and the women I am supported by
• Meet myself where I am at today, trusting in my own intuition to share and open as I see fit to allow my voice to be heard
• Accept full responsibility for myself during and after the program or event
• I understand that I may choose to not participate in any part of the program or event
• Have fun!



• I release and indemnify WWA against all costs, losses, damage or injury from any cause to property or person, caused or contributed from my actions
• Organisers or facilitators shall not be liable for any damages in anyway, including personal injury in or about, the premises or travel to or from such events
• My participation in a WWA program or event may be terminated at the discretion of the facilitators if my conduct is not in line with the WWA Policies, Terms and Conditions
• As a member of WWA I will receive emails that are of legal obligation, and that I can manage my subscription to receive or not to receive other email notifications such as quarterly newsletters and upcoming events
• I am a woman over 18 years of age, as per eligibility requirements of membership


Nurture Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

The aim of the Nurture Loyalty Program (“Loyalty Program”) is to provide you with better access to WWA events and programs through special tickets, as well as access to high quality products and services at special rates from companies and businesses (“Nurture Partners”).

Participants of the program will receive regular email updates of specials and will be advised as new Nurture Partners comes on board.  You may also receive updated offers directly from Nurture Partners and can unsubscribe at any time from some or all of those emails.

  1. Participation in the Loyalty Program requires an annual fee, which may be changed from time to time as agreed by the Committee (see Website for current price).
  2. Special offers available through the Loyalty Program may be for a specific timeframe, location based, and/or limited quantity (e.g. one per Participant). Please check the conditions related to each offer.
  3. The Loyalty Program is not part of membership or an aspect of membership classes. It is a separate program available to all Women’s Wellbeing Association classes of Membership, whilst the member is in financial order.
  4. For clarity, ‘members in financial order’ applies to Sistership Members who pay their membership annually. Sistership members must be current members (have their membership paid) to participate in the Loyalty Program.

If a Sistership Member lapses their annual payment (does not renew by the renewal date):

  1. Their participation in the Loyalty Program will automatically be suspended until their Sistership is brought back into financial order.
  2. For events held during the non-financial period, where a special loyalty program ticket has been purchased, the difference between the Loyalty price and the Non-Members price will need to be paid. If the event is a Member Only event, the ticket will be refunded less fees.
  1. Participation of the Loyalty Program is for 12 calendar months from registration through the website and will renew automatically unless you cancel it. You will receive email reminders prior to the renew.