Monthly Share Circles

A circle has no beginning and no end. The circle can symbolise and represent the spirit of the feminine energy, the infinite and sacred space of life.  For generations across many cultures, women have participated in and gathered together in circle to hold and share the experience of life in all its fullness. 

Women’s Wellbeing has been taking a break this year and we are currently not able to run our workshop programs and circles.

We will update any changes to our programs on our Blog page and Facebook.

Sending you all blessings from Women’s Wellbeing committee.


Women’s Wellbeing Share Circles are guided by the following:

WWA Share Circles provide a reawakening and reconnection to the ancient practice of gathering in circle. A safe non-judgemental space for women to be heard and to offer support to share authentically and vulnerably.

WWA Share Circles create a space to hear our voice, to see us, to love us, to acknowledge us, to honour where we are on our path, in this moment called now.

WWA Share Circles offer multiple locations throughout Australia for women to gather and connect.

Each WWA Share Circle is 2 ½ hours long and caters for up to 12 women plus facilitators.

Our protocols to support you in the circle are:

  • Confidentiality
  • Active Listening
  • No Fixing
  • No Judgement
  • Speaking in ‘I’ statements

When we speak for ourselves, we refer to this as speaking in or using ‘I statements’. This allows us to own our statements and views about things, while not presuming to speak for others. We do not all hold the same views and experiences, so this helps us to own and be accountable for our own experiences and sharing.

Participation fee:

Door Price for each circle: $25 for Members or $30 for Non-Members. 

WWA also offer prepaid Share Circle cards at a discount rate for Sisterships:

Save 20% by investing in a prepaid Share Circle pass for only $160, giving you access to 8 circles over 12 months.

Share Circle passes are only available for current Sisterships and are able to be used at any of our WWA Share Circles.

You will receive a unique Sistership Share Circle card that will be marked off at each attended circle including the expiration date on the card.

Consider purchasing a card as a gift to a Sistership friend!

Women’s Wellbeing Association Share Circles are currently held in a number of locations in Queensland, Australia.

We apologise our share circles are not running

In the future we aim to have them located in the following areas: 


 Sunshine Coast

Visit us on Facebook and to connect to a Share Circle near you.