What huge times we are all in experiencing!!
We at WWA send out love to all those who are feeling the challenges and are being impacted by all the changes.
We also wish for you and your family a very happy safe Easter, finding new ways to celebrate and enjoy your long weekend 💛

A note to Self and what I find supports my daily routine – remember to reconnect to Self – your very own inner knowings and intuitive feelings that truly do have the answers for each given moment 💜
It is very easy to get caught up in what is going on out there in the world, listening to all the info coming into our households – it can be very overwhelming. Taking time to reconnect with your Self, breathing in new life force energy and breathing out, releasing any tension, any stress – all old energy,
be in nature, watch the sunset, go for a walk, hear the birds feel the warmth of the Suns rays, reconnecting with your Self supports a peaceful calm within 💚

Women’s Wellbeing have agreed to place all current activities and offerings on hold due to all that is going on with Covid 19 and the unknown of what is next.
Unfortunately this does mean we are postponing this year’s Every Woman Gathering – this certainly was a tough decision as we did not have our EWG last year and we were so looking forward to this year’s Gathering with you all!
So mark your dairies October 2021 will be the next EWG 💜
Our WWA Share Circles are also on hold until further notice.
Our Womanhood Courses and Facilitator Training Programs are on hold until further notice.
A time of deep rest is on offer, a time to retreat and re energise for what’s around the corner … enjoy and embrace Beautiful Women, soooooo looking forward to when i next see you get to hug you all again very soon!

Many Blessings and Much Love
Marie Crawford
President WWA