The Everywoman Gathering is Women’s Wellbeing’s annual event where we gather and be inspired by other women through workshops, connecting, share circles and sharing meals together.  The event in 2020 is our 13th year, an auspiscious year and we are inviting women out there to consider their calling to be part of this amazing event.

Each year in the past, at the end of each Gathering, there is a ceremony to call in women to step into First Circle.  This year we are holding this space at our Rebirth event on the 12th January.  As you may well know, WWA has been revisioning the organisation with a deep dive into our womb space to bring forth new visions and energy to hold Women’s Wellbeing with the strength and wisdom to guide her to a bright future of transformation for women in our communities.

What is First Circle?

First Circle holds a special journey for the women who feel the call.  Its a journey that is a great adventure where we are inspired, challenged and uplifted to bring forth a vision and an event that will positively impact on the women who attend.  Each year First Circle is supported by a dedicated Second Circle who offer wisdom and guidance when called upon. First Circle women work together to plan, manage and deliver the event and it does require a little bit of time and commitment, but a truly valuable experience.

I myself have stepped in to First Circle after feeling a very strong energetic pull to do so. Admitedly I was terrified at first. I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I could help, but I dived in anyway as the calling was so strong.  When the women met up for the first time, supported by second circle, we got to know each other, our experience, our strengths, our weaknesses, what we would like to challenge ourselves with and how we step forward together.  While the road wasn’t always a smooth one, the event and experience was extraordinary and added a great deal of skills and experience to my tool box.

This year, our amazingly visionary committee have decided to add more opportunity to the women who feel the call for 2020.  We are offering as a support for First Circle, a weekend Womanhood course to deepen and ground First Circle together, to build their connection and strengthen the bond to work together through the coming months to Everywoman Gathering 2020 in October.

We invite you to attend the Rebirth event, and if you are called to be part of this amazing journey, the opportunity will be there for you.  It will enrich you, inspire you and connect you deeply with other amazing women in a way that nothing else can.  Get tickets to Rebirth here and find out more about our annual Everywoman Gathering here.

Be the change!

The excitement is building …. We have are looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday 🧡🧡🧡

We have a very special opportunity available at our Rebirth Event …. to step in and join this year’s Everywoman Gathering First Circle 💗💗💗

First Circle Call Out 💜💜💜
EveryWoman Gathering 2020
A sharing from Marie Kaye

Every now and then a magic moment happens in our lives – we never really know when it’s coming and most often can’t really explain how it happens ….. BUT when it happens it’s life changing and we always look back on the moment with the strongest of feelings 💜

That’s how I explain my experience of being on the First Circle Team of EWG 2012 🧡
We had an absolute amazing group of woman – the Red Group (our Affinity Group at the EWG 2011) So much love and deep connection, we felt the call within our wombs, looked at each other – with the look of what on earth are we doing? And stepped on in – as our inner knowings knew it was what we needed to do 💛 And what an incredible journey we shared and to this day I call those woman I shared the year with my Sisters 🙏💗

You have the magical opportunity to be part of something that is truly difficult to explain yet absolutely worth every moment 🙏 Listening to those inner stirrings and knowings, We are inviting and calling all interested woman who wish to be part of Women’s Wellbeing 13th EveryWoman Gathering 2020 to attend our Rebirth Event on Sunday 12th January to step in and pick up the sacred Gathering Basket and claim your spot on next years EWG First Circle Team 💜

Grab your ticket today! And let the journey unfold …. sometimes in life we need to allow that pull, that call from within to lead us … and most often that’s where the magic happens 💖
We look forward to seeing you and sharing our Rebirth Event with you 🧡

Marie Kaye

I stepped up to first Circle for the 2016 event and had an amazing experience.  I had the opportunity to connect to 5 other amazing and inspiring women from all different backgrounds as we visioned together. We had many similarities and differences and it was so moving to see the event come to fruition.  We are still connected today years later.

Julie Hauritz

I attended the weekend retreat run by WWA and I was absolutely blown away! What an incredible and inspiring group of women. Such a welcoming sense of belonging, love , joy , and a safe place to be exactly who you are and be accepted. Wow! I’ll be attending your events and circles as life allows … this is too good to miss and what every woman needs.

Susan Zivcic

Thank you to all the amazingly inspiring women who attended the Every Woman Gathering at Bornhoffen this weekend. I am so grateful to have spent time with you all in kindred spirit and loving embrace.

Noeline Banova