Everywoman Gathering

Enjoy an immersive   day event of connection and joyful exploration, nestled in a divine surrounding landscape. 

The Everywoman Gathering

for 2021 is back!

Watch this space for updates!

We are constantly developing and working towards new ways women can connect, so please keep in contact on our Facebook page and keep an eye out for our Blog page for continuing inspiration.  Blessings to you all!

The Everywoman Gathering is an annual event run by the Women’s Wellbeing Association. The magic that can be created when a group of women come together is so powerful, especially when we gather over a long week-end allowing ourselves to fully indulge in so many aspects that are so important for us…..amazing workshops. delicious food, sharing, laughter, tears, ceremony, feeling completely supported by each other .

Its not only all the women that inspire you – but the lands that this gathering is held on, in the divine Numinbah Valley in the Gold Coast Hinterland.The majestic mountains and the eagles that fly around them, the huge granite boulders, creeks and waterfalls. A feeling like you are being nurtured in the womb of the earth.

The Everywoman gathering fills your heart with Feelings of Celebration, Acceptance, Honouring and Nurturing.  You can Feel the transformation, the deep connection, the rediscovery of your divine being flowing through your body. To be connecting with woman in the deepest trust, love and surrender Is the most precious gift you can ever give to yourself .

We would be honoured to have your precious, beautiful Self come and join us on this amazing weekend.

“The WWA Everywoman Gathering is an experience that opens me to all that is possible within me I love meeting all the other woman who attend, each one I connect with share something special I needed to know or take on …I love the WWA gathering.”


What Women are saying…

“Every year I go to this Woman’s Gathering I am reminded of my worth, what is important and the profound joy and privilege it is to be a woman.


In 2015 in amongst my cotton wool brain & grief, it was gently suggested by the gorgeous Amala Janice Aldridge that I come along to a Women’s Wellbeing Gathering. I nearly had a breakdown over the thought of going & sharing space with 60 women. I went & was held & nurtured by all these amazing women through lots & lots of tears.   By the end of that first weekend those tears were mainly tears of laughter & I’m glad I honoured myself & jumped off the edge to fly.  So now each year, I get to spend a weekend with new & old friends & I LOVE IT !!!
Thank you to all you beautyfull women who take the time out for you to share in such a special weekend. For me Caitlin Roy it is “mindfulness”, just to BE & SHINE.  Thank you.


“Every Women’s Gathering for me is… Deeply honouring, filling my womanly cup to the brim of ancient wisdom and gentle love


“For me the Gathering will always hold a truly special place in changing my direction in life really quite life changing well worth the journey to open ones heart.


Celebrating past Everywoman Gatherings

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