Programs & Events

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Womens Wellbeing Association is working together to bring more activities and workshops to women in community.

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Explore our Signature Programs & Events

Monthly Share Circles

Connect to other women in your community with our regular share circles.

In-person circles – Ipswich, Sherwood

Free online circles

Refer to the calendar below for dates

and to register. 

Everywoman Gathering

Our yearly gathering, It is a celebration of
sisterhood, a space where the
magic of unity and self-discovery

3 day / 2 night getaway with interactive engaging workshops that provide practical tools & strategies for everyday.


Women’s Wellbeing Associations signature program, transforming the lives of women.

7 Week (online or in-person) or 2 Day in-person 

Other Events & Workshops

Grow and be inspired by our ever-evolving program of workshops and events. These include: overnight camps, one day retreats and expert workshops delivered by talented women within our community. 

Women and Men’s Programs 

WAM is a joint initiative of Women’s Wellbeing Association and Mens Wellbeing Association bringing both women and men together to grow, celebrate and support. These initiatives include: free monthly share circles, annual picnic and dance of wellbeing and annual gathering of wellbeing.