Camp of Resilience

A weekend of Resilience (n)

  • the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  • the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

Camp of Resilience Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th October 2021


This October from 23rd & 24th, we have a space to come and camp together at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, 268 Rasmussen Road, Mount Archer.

Imagine a share camp kitchen, ample space for your tent, pop up trailer or yurt and two designated places for workshops and a special ceremonial space to sink in deep to our feminine power as we explore Resilience.

The weekend schedule will include self-time, workshop time, share time and togetherness time.

Our weekend schedule:

Saturday 23rd October

Come join us Saturday morning, arriving from 9am to 10am so you have time to set up your tent and settle in by 11am.

  • Opening Circle before lunch
  • Self time/connect time
  • Two Afternoon Workshop sessions offering a choice for each (4 different workshops)
  • After Dinner Let’s have some sharing and fun around the fire!

Sunday 24th October

  • Morning Walk or Guided Mediation
  • Breakfast
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Pack camp and be ready to go by 11am

Ticket Price:

 $45 for Members or $65 for Non-Members. (plus eventbrite fees)

More details to know!

This will be a self-catered weekend, but you can share also. Tea and coffee facility available.

Toilet and shower facilities available, but it is a non powered site and the shower is a little ways away. Please bring torches and any camp equipment you would need. WWA will have space with some modest camp kitchen facilities to share.

If you are stuck for a tent, let us know you’re a ‘receiver’

If you have a spare tent or a share tent, let us know you’re a ‘giver’.

If you are seeking to carpool, please let us know if you have an available seat or looking for a ride and what area you live in and we’ll try and match you.

Contact us here for more details

Women’s Wellbeing Association Camp of Resilience


Neurum Creek Bush Retreat, 268 Rasmussen Road, MountArcher.

When checking in to the Campsite Office will be required on arrival to check your details and provide a car pass for the site.

We are all in Campsite F which is a more secluded and private area away from the main camping sites.

Neurum Creek