Circles are an ancient practice where the tribes came together in nature, under the stars, with only the sacred light of the moon and fires to shed the light.

It was a place of reconnecting with each other, learning, passing on the knowledge of the grandparents and connecting with the earth.
In this time, a place of stillness resides within everyone listening, the moment was all that existed.

As the stories where shared songs where sung, creativity was installed and as the stories ended and silence became whole, this is when they listened to the stories of the mother earth.

Hearing her song in the wind that makes the trees dance and the leaves sing.

Feeling the presence of the great tides and how the ocean speaks. The crackle of the flames in the fire ,the pictures in the flames, feeling the smoke dance around their beings cleansing and purifying .

Feeling mother earths rhythm, her heart beat so preciously in their soul.
What a divine place to be, our gift to the earth is to reinstall this wisdom in to our souls and become one again.

Lets share in sacredness …….Lets join together as women and remember……
“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you ?
A place for you to go ……
A place of women …….
A place where you where nurtured….From an ancient flow sustaining….And steadying you as you sought….To become yourself. A place of women to help you find and trust the ancient flow already within yourself …..Ready to be released ….. a place of women …….How might your life have been different ?”

Written by Judith Duerk – circle of stones : women’s journey to herself .

In love and Sparkles

Stephanie Lister