Dianne Ryan is a special soul.

I know some of you who knew Dianne Ryan may be wondering why I’m saying she ‘is’ rather than ‘was’.  For me and many others who knew Dianne, we still feel her presence in our lives today, even though it’s been 5 years since she left this physical realm, she is still working her wisdom through us and in us.

I first met Dianne as the facilitator of Womanhood in 2010, WWA’s flagship program that I had registered interest in early that year.

Dianne was present in a way I had never experienced in anyone.  When talking with me, she was fully with me. Even if my attention was drifting around, which happened frequently, she had the knack of pulling me back in to the moment to be just there.  To be present and to see that in this moment we are together, seeing and meeting each other as equals.  She saw in me what I couldn’t and she tought me, through the Womanhood journey, that I was valuable, needed and acknowledged. She is for me a catalyst that has transformed me, inspiring me to continue to walk on a path towards deep wisdom.

She was a leader, an intelligent, cheeky, sexy and vivacious woman with a deep well of love in her heart and soul.  I believe that it’s the deep well of love in Dianne that she shared so openly with all of us, that keeps her within our own hearts.

She was a huge influence to a multitude of women and an inspiration for many who feel the call to come to Women’s Wellbeing Association. Her generous soul lives on in those who continue to live in and walk with the values and knowledge she imparted.

Women’s Wellbeing Association continues to support women through their empowering programs and in honour of Dianne, we offer financial support to women who do not have the means to attend our programs at full price.  It is through the Dianne Ryan Fund and the ongoing generosity of those who donate to the fund, that enable us to offer this to women in need.


We thank all those who have generously donated and acknowledge the difference it has made for the women who have received support through the Dianne Ryan Fund.

If you feel moved to contribute, it’s only one click to the Dianne Ryan Fund page.  Even a modest amount can make a difference, you never know what ripples you are leaving in the lives of others.

The beautiful Caitlin shares her story of Dianne and their friendship.

Always a woman of innate integrity who saw me – truly saw me as no woman had ever done before – and called me forth ….. in a most gentle powerful heart felt and womb felt way ….. she showed me the possibilities that await when we truly hear our calling and show up …. in all our glory and deliciousness ….. in all our messiness and shadowy hellholes ….. a beacon there in the darkness ….. compelling and awake in a way that sparked desire and curiosity in all who had the good fortune to be in her presence. The legacy she leaves is vast and ongoing …. in the exponentially multiplying capacity of all the love she left us with …. all the wisdom she graced us with ….. her legacy continues to inspire me every day ….. to show up and to share this work . I am forever grateful for having had time with Dianne;

A teacher,

A mentor,

A goddess,

A friend.

Amala Aldridge

Diane was like the great mother. You could always trust her embrace of you, no matter what woman came her way. She loved us, embraced us, rocked us, and moved us. Her compassion was huge. She had a gift – she had eyes that could see into each woman, see her essence and would speak to that part, and always encourage and coax that part forth. She was also mischievous and sassy, individual and soulful. I miss her. Her legacy lives on through WWA and all whose lives were touched by her.

Janet McGeever

“Speak your truth and be real”