About Us

Women’s Wellbeing Association is a Not for Profit Organisation run by volunteer women, making a difference in the lives of women in our communities.

Our Purpose:

Women’s Wellbeing Association offers a gateway to empowerment by providing a sisterhood of acceptance, inclusion and trust.

Our Vision:

Women’s Wellbeing Association is a loving supportive community offering a safe and sacred space to accept and honour the very essence of who we are. 

Our Intention:

Women’s Wellbeing Association’s supports the expansion and growth of all women through a diverse program of events and workshops.

Our Herstory

Since WWA’s conception in 2002 many women (and men) have lent their energy to the enrichment of our lives, our families and our community.

In the last 17 years so many hearts have held the energy of women’s wellbeing to move her forward in amazing powerful ways – through our signature program, Womanhood, our Share Circles, the Annual Everywoman Gathering and a weaving of many other amazing events. All of our offerings are dedicated to initiating education, consciousness and empowerment raising activities for the health and wellbeing of women.

All of our activities are designed to enable each woman to recognise and act on her own potential and your support in keeping this vision alive is vital.

In the last couple of years a few of us were called to step up into birthing Women’s Wellbeing in a new way. The Earth’s energy is experiencing a great shift and she has been calling women to step up into their power more than ever before. In 2018 Women’s Wellbeing was transitioning through a difficult and challenging period. Two of us were by the ocean watching our young daughters play and we knew that we were called to bring in and birth a new way forward for Women’s Wellbeing…., for our daughters, the future custodians of the earth.

In May 2019, our amazing new committee fallowed Women’s Wellbeing to rest, to retreat to her bear cave and settle into the womb of the earth, for rest and recuperation. Her circles were resting and our annual Everywoman Gathering was postponed, to be rebirthed in 2020. While she was resting our dedicated Committee was like a hive of busy bees – meeting monthly, diving deeply and coming to the surface to share and talk even more frequently, and preparing Women’s Wellbeing for her new way – a new vision, direction and rebirth in January 2020.

We are sooooo excited to be part of this new phase, and the continuing journey of Celebrating sisterhood and empowering women

We honour and recognise the significant contribution and legacy of our Founding Members.  Without their vision and dedication 17 years ago, we would not be here.

Dianne Ryan, Pamela Rosalyne, Robyn Isaac, Janet McGeever and Delicia Bone.


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Women’s Wellbeing  Association is a loving supportive community offering a safe and sacred space to accept and honour the very essence of who we are.

Celebrating the Journey of Women’s Wellbeing