Women embracing difference    making a difference

Women embracing difference

making a difference

We are excited to announce we have our new commitee and support women working on our journey for 2021.

The Gathering is back for 2021!

Please follow us on Facebook to keep updated for details!

We will be keeping our Blog page open and sharing some pearls of wisdom as we navigate the changes!

Sending you all blessings from Women’s Wellbeing committee.

Musings of the Feminine

The deep complexity of the power, fragility and wisdom of the feminine is explored through our Women’s Wellbeing blog. We share with you from the heart and to connect and contribute to your daily lives, providing inspiration, solace, knowledge and wisdom.



  Yesterday I woke to do my morning meditation. A ritual I have been doing for the last 10 months. Sometimes I don’t do it and have this deep feeling in my gut, disappointment with myself that even this simple task, no commitment, can’t even be followed. So I...

Our Lineage

Our Lineage

INTRODUCTION As Janet says in her beautiful sharing - this is the lineage which Women’s wellbeing is Built upon - and this is why we had the flame within us to Rebirth her this year - 2020. When women gather together on land - aligned with the stars and the moon - the...

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